Glidetrack SD Aero System Lite 1.0m

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The **Glidetrack SD Aero System Lite 1.0m** is perfect for those filming with anything from a compact like a Sony Nex-7 to a Canon 5d Mk3 and is easily capable of handling 10kg ... المزيد عند ادفانسيد ميديا

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The Glidetrack SD Aero System Lite 1.0m is perfect for those filming with anything from a compact like a Sony Nex-7 to a Canon 5d Mk3 and is easily capable of handling 10kg or kit.

The GT Aero Series of camera sliders are smoother than most camera sliders on the market and run almost silent with it's dual bearing wheel design.

The Aero Lite carriage is laser cut aluminium with a simple bearing adjustment setup and a variable friction screw. The Aero Lite has a 3/8-16th stud for mounting almost any flat base video head. The Aero Lite feet are also laser cut from steel and pressed to shape which attach simply to the rail with one thumb screw and also feature height adjustable legs as standard.

The Aero Pro carriage features a beautiful bespoke CNC machined carriage with our unique quick adjust bearing system, allowing very easy and fast setup and adjustment. The Aero Pro feet are also CNC machined, keyed to the rail for secure fitment and feature collapsible ends for easier, faster storage. They also feature precision height adjustable legs.

All Aero Lite and Aero Pro carriages and feet are compatible with all previous Glidetrack SD and HD systems, so if you want to go Aero you can upgrade your current system.

To protect your investment don't forget to grab a bag for your Glidetrack. The Glidetrack Move system is a rucksack designed to take your Glidetrack SD or HD system (up to 0.75m). You simply slide your rail and carriage with the video head still attached under the padded inner section and strap your feet to the top of the padding inside. You can also store a DSLR body and two small/medium lenses in the top compartment.

On the exterior of the Move Rucksack, you are able to attach two Glidetrack Crane/Tripod bags, one on either side. This allows you to carry all you need on your back, your camera slider, camera, tripod, video head and Glidetrack Carbon Crane all on your back.

The full bag system includes the Move backpack and one Glidetrack Crane bag, and one Glidetrack Tripod bag. Please note the Glidetrack Crane/Tripod bags are different from the simple bags provided with the Glidetrack tripods and crane systems.

Recommended Setup

The best and most efficient way of setting up your Glidetrack system is as follow.

1 - Attach a Quick Release base to the top of your tripod.

2 - Attach a Quick Release plate to the base of Glidetrack rail.

3 - Attach the rail to to the tripod via the quick release.

4 - Attach your video head to the Glidetrack Carriage and attach your camera to the video head.



Length: 1.0m

Glidetrack SD Aero System Lite 1.0m

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