Epson AcuLaser M1200 | C11CA71001

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**Designed to deliver quality prints with reliability and savings, Epson Aculaser™ M1200 is easily the perfect choice of laser printers.** **Cost-effective toner cartridge op... المزيد عند دي تي سي

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Product Dimensions:38.50 cm x 27.90 cm x 26.10 cm
Date first available:21 October, 2014
Model:C11CA71001 / #6556
Weight:8.00 Kg

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Designed to deliver quality prints with reliability and savings, Epson Aculaser™ M1200 is easily the perfect choice of laser printers.


Cost-effective toner cartridge options

  • For added cost savings and flexibility, Epson AcuLaser™ M1200 is compatible with two different toner sizes to suit your business printing needs:
    • High capacity toner cartridge - Designed to give you one of the lowest costs per page in the market, this option is ideal for high print volume needs.
    • Standard capacity toner cartridge - Designed to suit your lower print volume needs, this is a great costeffective option for lower print volumes.


Reliable, high performance

  • With a high monthly print volume of up to 15,000 pages, Epson AcuLaser™ M1200 is currently one of the most reliable monochrome laser printer available. Be assured of long-lasting performance and low maintenance costs with this small and yet powerful laser printer.


Highly compact desktop print solution

  • Combine print speeds of up to 20 pages per minute (ppm) with professional quality at up to 600dpi resolution for perfect business letters, emails, web pages and more.Extremely small in footprint, this compact printer will fit easily onto your desktop.


Versatile connectivity for any office set-up

  • The Epson AcuLaser™ M1200 is one of the only printers in its class that has parallel and USB interfaces as standard, so it’s easy to connect it to your computer and use as your local printer, however you have your office set up.


Easy set-up, easy use

  • The Epson AcuLaser™ M1200 is installed with all you need to start printing right out of the box. It is compatible with all common operating systems, and its highly intuitive driver interface makes installation a breeze, even for beginners.
  • Whilst in operation, live status information including remaining toner capacity and troubleshooting are displayed on screen automatically, making it an extremely user-friendly printer for everyday business needs. And changing cartridges is a quick and simple operation that any user can manage.



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