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'Back with a bang' is just right when mentioning the new **BlackBerry Z10 16GB Black**. Changing how you use your features and apps, this gesture-based fully-touch smartphone has been designed to keep you movig. A stellar 4.2” responsive display new BlackBerry 10 OS and features such as camera with Time ... المزيد عند ديلز حبيبي

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'Back with a bang' is just right when mentioning the new BlackBerry Z10 16GB Black. Changing how you use your features and apps, this gesture-based fully-touch smartphone has been designed to keep you movig. A stellar 4.2” responsive display new BlackBerry 10 OS and features such as camera with Time Shift, BlackBerry Keyboard and BlackBerry Hub are highlights.

BlackBerry Hub

All it takes is a swipe to stay in tune with all that is important to you. You could be using any app but with a swipe, you could peek into the BlackBerry Hub and effortlessly move in and out of different activities.

BlackBerry Keyboard

Effortless typing hits new highs with BlackBerry Keyboard. This touchscreen keyboard learns your writing style and soon starts suggesting words to complete your sentences. Not only will you be typing faster and more accurately but will also be employing the least amount of efforts. It will also correct typo and subtly adjust to ensure that you hit the right keys.

Camera with Time Shift

A feature exclusive to the new BlackBerry 10 series, Time Shift captures milliseconds before and after you’ve snapped a photo so that you can make adjustments to create the perfect snap. You’ll no longer whine about having your eyes shut in a photo!


You never saw anything more beautiful than this on a BlackBerry before. This large 4.2” touchscreen breathes life into your photos, videos, websites and apps. With a razor-sharp 365ppi display, the details on this highly responsive HD display is so stunning, it’s unreal.

Editing & Sharing Photos

When you have a super-sharp 8MP camera, every shot is a great one. And with a 2MP front camera, you’ll be in on all the action. Editing and retouching photos is simple and fun. Crop, enhance or apply artistic filters and weave those images together to create a memory-rich movie with Story Maker. You can then exhibit your masterpiece on the big screen via HDMI or ‘Play on’ that’ll wirelessly link your Z10 to your TV through DLNA. Sharing on the social network is all only a few gestures away.

Voice Control

This cool function turns words into actions, literally! It recognises your natural speech pattern and makes sure you’re always understood. No hands needed, only your voice. Any activity that requires typing, Voice Control can take over. Dictate a document, update social networks, compose emails and messages or search through your phone, Voice Control has everything in control.


Sharing got so much easier it’s not even funny. No wires, no flash media, no emails, it’s all about tap. When you tap your BlackBerry Z10 16GB Black against another NFC enabled BlackBerry device, you’re ready to share. Contacts, photos or apps, just select what has to be shared, bring the two phones together and witness BlackBerry Tag perform magic!

Super-Fast Browsing

Speed, simplicity and power characterise the BlackBerry Browser. With built-in sharing to all your favourite social networks, you can instantly share interesting content via email or social apps using a few simple gestures. And since this is such a smart phone, it remembers your sharing pattern over time and adapts to it.

Intelligent Calendar

BlackBerry Calendar is your designated PA. It will efficiently manage your schedules and tasks without you having to spend too much time on it. It will even make suggestions to work in accordance with your appointments or events.

BlackBerry Remember

Managing your daily life just got easy with BlackBerry Remember. Plan a party or manage details about important work projects in this ever-so-useful organiser. Group pertinent files, photos, lists or messages in one place and then sync your tasks with Microsoft Outlook calendar. Because we spend so much time commuting, built-in Documents To Go and Adobe Reader make it possible to update spreadsheets, documents and presentations while on the go.

BlackBerry Balance

We all have two lives, one at the office and the other at home. Keep information pertaining to these two separate from each other with BlackBerry Balance.

BlackBerry World

BlackBerry World opens you up to a plethora of apps, games, music, videos, books and more on the BlackBerry Z10 and because you could get overwhelmed with all that’s made available to you, BlackBerry World storefront even makes suggestions on finding something new or different.

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